Results on the Plan:


When I started Alexia's plan, I had already tried keto using other free online resources - with no result. Therefore, I was ecstatic to see that this plan WORKED: I lost over 4 pounds in my first week! The steps were easy to understand and follow, and I loved the tasty keto food too.


I lost over 3 pounds in my first week on Alexia’s plan! I’m amazed because I’ve tried so many weight loss methods in the past few years since menopause, and nothing has worked before. After just one week on the plan, my bloating is gone, and my jeans fit looser. My favorite part of Alexia’s method is that I can enjoy a delicious dessert every day!



Who Made the Plan?

Hi! I'm The Remedy Room's coach teaching the scientific fat-burning method of keto and fasting, resulting in sustainable weight loss and many health benefits.

My health journey started years ago when suffering from binge eating, depression, and extra pounds. After learning how to get fit, healthy, and happy through burning fat, I turned my focus to helping others achieve the same and trained to be a coach.

Since then, I’ve devoted my life to finding the ultimate toolbox to maximizing weight loss and health results. That’s what I’m now excited to share with you in this plan! So that you don’t have to waste years of your life to poor health and misery, like I did. But instead: quickly burn off your excess fat, to not have anything holding you back.

Get excited about burning fat for a fit, free, and confident you!

Alexia Bjarkan
Fat-Burning Coach


What You Get in the Plan:


Learn How to Burn Fat

You’ll learn the steps to take to burn fat for energy in the metabolic state of ketosis. So that you can say goodbye to pointless gym workouts, and slim down while enjoying delicious foods instead!

Fast-Track Results with Fasting

I share how to combine keto with intermittent fasting for maximized weight loss and other health benefits. You get the secret to fast without hunger so you can drop your excess pounds effortlessly!

Track Macros for Success

The plan covers step by step how to track what you eat to know that you're on track for fat-burning. This way, you can enjoy desserts every day if you want to without it ruining your results!

Survive Keto Flu

You’ll disover how to survive keto flu, that is: the side effects that can happen when you start burning fat on keto. So that you can focus on enjoying your results instead!


Dr. Mary on Recommending the Fat-Burning Formula Plan:

Hi! I'm Dr. Mary, owner of The Remedy Room, an innovative medical clinic in New Orleans and Old Metairie.

Since graduating from LSU Medical School, I've been on a mission to continue the legacy of my father, Dr. Charles Mary, Jr., a pioneer in the field of Infusion Vitamin Therapy. My goal is to help as many New Orleans residents as possible reverse disease using natural methods to live their most thriving lives!

That's why I recommend The Fat-Burning Formula with coach Alexia. This free and simple Do-It-Yourself plan shows the powerful scientific fat-burning method that I've used to help thousands of patients lose weight, get off medication, and get fit, healthy, and happy.

If you're ready for a plan that WORKS for losing weight and getting healthy, then get the plan now! I'm excited to see your results.

Dr. Mary
Owner, The Remedy Room



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