Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off? Are you suffering from hunger, cravings, and low energy when you diet?


(And NO - counting calories isn’t the answer to getting fit!)


No wonder! We don’t learn the science of weight loss in school. It’s normal to struggle with knowing what to eat, how to exercise, and how to stay sane in the process - no one taught it to you. That all changes with The Fat-Burning Formula online course with New Orleans medical clinic The Remedy Room and coach Alexia Bjarkan!


These people used to struggle with their weight, just like you:

But that was before The Remedy Room's...



The Remedy Room's The Fat-Burning Formula is an 8-week online course that teaches you the scientific keto and fasting weight loss method, the strategies, and the mindset shift to reach your health and weight goals and keep them!

Participants Are Getting Results Like:

If information was the answer, everyone would be fit! But the vast majority of Americans is overweight or obese. That’s why coach Alexia guides you step-by-step through the course. She shows you the exact actions to burn fat to become fit, free, and confident!


The Fat-Burning Formula Is for People Who…


What Will You Get In the 8-Week Fat-Burning Formula Online Course with The Remedy Room?



You'll learn how to shop healthily in New Orleans and anywhere in the world, how to create a delicious menu (including desserts!) for fat-burning, and how to overcome side effects for weight loss success.



You'll learn the scientific hacks for making and breaking habits for lasting results, how to fast without hunger or lethargy to maximize your weight loss, and how to overcome food temptations to succeed.



You'll learn how to practice healthy eating in all life situations for sustainable results, how to minimize the damage of alcohol if you choose to drink, and how to make movement a simple part of your lifestyle to optimize your health and weight.



You'll learn mindful eating for a healthy relationship with food, how to achieve the best sleep of your life for maximized weight loss, and how to enjoy some tasty carbs every week while continuing to burn fat.



You'll learn powerful techniques to conquer any challenges on your fitness journey.


You'll learn how to maximize your weight loss with a weekly workout of only 15 minutes (no gym required!), the strength workout for your most vital body, and how to make exercising so fun that you'll want to do it every day.


You'll learn the beautiful morning routine of the most successful people in the world to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.



You'll learn the fasting/feasting schedule to reach and keep your health and weight goals after completing the course.


Dr. Mary on Recommending the Fat-Burning Formula:

Hi! I'm Dr. Mary, owner of The Remedy Room, an innovative medical clinic in New Orleans and Old Metairie.

Since graduating from LSU Medical School, I've been on a mission to continue the legacy of my father, Dr. Charles Mary, Jr., a pioneer in the field of Infusion Vitamin Therapy. My goal is to help as many New Orleans residents as possible reverse disease using natural methods to live their most thriving lives!

That's why I started The Fat-Burning Formula with coach Alexia. This online course puts together my favorite, most powerful scientific methods that I've used to help thousands of patients lose weight, get off medication, and get fit, healthy, and happy.

What makes The Fat-Burning Formula unique is that you'll have a passionate coach breaking down the science of keto and fasting into simple and achievable steps. Many of our course graduates say that the reason why they finally succeeded with getting fit, after years of health and weight struggles, is that they now had professional guidance.

So if you're ready for a course that WORKS for losing weight and getting healthy, then join us now! I'm excited to see your results.

Dr. Mary
Owner, The Remedy Room


One of the Remedy Room’s Most Valuable Services

Alexia is results-focused. She knows what works, and when you follow her instructions, you get the results! We've had countless patients go through this program and receive life-changing results. One of The Remedy Room's core principles is that food is medicine and using it as the first line of healing. That's where this program fits in: Alexia teaches you how to use keto and fasting to heal.

Alexia also takes it so much further than that. She's teaching how to optimize your health from head to toe, such as removing toxins from your life and improving your sleep quality. Alexia has put all information on health optimization in one place in this eight-week program, where she'll hold your hand through all of it. It's one of, if not THE most valuable service that we offer at the clinic. It will last you a lifetime, and I can't speak more highly of this program. I hope you sign up!

Alie Frankel,
Managing Director, The Remedy Room


Who Is Your Fat-Burning Coach?

Hi! I’m Alexia, The Remedy Room's coach. I help our patients burn fat to become fit, free, and confident. I share my expertise in publications such as Grazia, Marie Claire, and Gulf News.

But a few years ago, I was a fat-burning beginner - just like you. That's why I understand the challenges that you're facing right now! I suffered from extra pounds, cravings, binge eating, depression, and low confidence.

I spent years learning how to overcome all obstacles and, finally, becoming a fat-burning machine on keto eating and fasting. I trained to be a coach and started working with doctors. Since then, I've helped countless people get into top shape.

I’m offering the science-proven method to maximized and lasting weight loss - but without the complicated science talk. I show you the exact steps to burn off your extra fat and make fat-burning a delicious lifestyle.

This way, I save you years of frustrating experimentation and all of the costs that come with that. So that instead, you can focus on enjoying the exciting results of getting rid of your extra pounds once and for all.

I can't wait to welcome you to the course and start your fat-burn for a fit, fun, and free life!

Alexia Bjarkan
Fat-Burning Coach




Participants of The Fat-Burning Formula Are Getting Results Like…

23 lbs Down and Feeling Amazing

I lost 23 lbs in the eight-week program thanks to Alexia's help, resources, and motivation. Going on a fitness regime can be painful, but this experience wasn't: I felt amazing throughout the program! And I continue to feel fantastic and shed weight because of the healthy lifestyle change I created during the program. I strongly recommend Alexia's coaching to anyone who wants quick, significant, and lasting weight loss!



9 Pounds Down in My First Week

Before working with Alexia, I had spent many years desperately trying to lose weight. I could hardly lose one pound on my own. Now with the right guidance, I started dropping over 9 pounds in my first week! 

I suffer from varicose veins, which used to cause me a lot of pain every day. Now after just a few weeks in Alexia’s program, the pain is halved! And it keeps decreasing as I continue to become lighter.

Losing weight in Alexia’s program has changed me into a new person with a new attitude to life. Now I’m positive, energetic, and confident! I’m excited to do activities with my family and take my career to the next level.


Almost 27 lbs Gone

I couldn't be happier with my results from working with Alexia: I lost almost 27 lbs, 5.5 inches off my hips, and 2.5 inches off my waist in only eight weeks! The best thing is that I keep dropping weight every week after the program because I've learned how to make my body burn fat.

I’ve done many weight loss programs before and never managed to stick with them because it was too hard to make different meals for myself and the rest of my family. Now for the first time, thanks to the delicious keto meals that I’ve learned from Alexia, I’m cooking for the whole family. We are all loving the food and getting healthier as a result. Finally, I’ve got a method to reach my goal weight that is both simple and enjoyable – it’s a lifestyle for lasting results!



I Lost 17 Lbs and 4.5 Inches!

Based on my previous experiences, I had low expectations of the keto and fasting program – but the results blew me away. I lost 17 lbs, 2 inches on my hips, and 4.5 inches on my waist! I dropped two dress sizes. It feels fantastic to fit into my slimmer outfits that I haven’t worn in years and thought I’d never wear again. What’s amazing is that I’ve slimmed down by eating real food that was easy to prepare myself, and enjoyable to eat!

In addition to my weight loss, keto and fasting have made me healthier. I used to have headaches every week, but they were gone in my first week in the program. Wow! I had no idea about all of the ways that my old eating was affecting my body.


The Bloating, Gas, and Constipation Gone

I lost around 4 inches of my hips and waist! I feel light from the inside and out since my new, healthy eating has solved my previous gut issues. My bloating and gas are gone. I used to have terrible constipation, only passing stool once a week, and now I do it every day.

My body chemistry is totally different now when burning fat for energy on keto and fasting: I'm energetic with mental clarity. I thought that learning to do longer fasts in the program would be tough, but it turns out that fasting makes me super productive, and I even enjoy them! Amazingly, my eyesight has also improved on fat-burning.



A Lighter Body AND Brain

I have lost weight, but more importantly, my brain is lighter. I’ve decluttered and gotten rid of the burden of losing weight. I now focus on the sensible approach to eat healthily. Could I have done it without Alexia’s coaching? NO! Her coaching brought the information to me in a palatable way. It allowed me to try the methods and implement them in my life.

My attitude changed, my habits changed, and the weight fell off as a result. And all the while Alexia made me feel that I did it all by myself. And I did, because Alexia made me accountable for taking the necessary action. ‚ÄčAlexia made me see that I didn’t have to lose weight – I had to lose the mental burden of losing weight.


Reversed Medical Conditions

Before working with Alexia, my life was held back not only by my weight. I also suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, PCOS, and insulin resistance. By the end of the program, I decreased my rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid medication, and came off my PCOS and insulin medication! I never thought that was possible. The freedom that I’m enjoying now by having reversed my illnesses is incredible!

It’s nice to feel attractive again. It’s a lot of fun shopping for smaller outfit sizes and dressing up. It has put a new spark in my marriage. But far more important is the confidence and self-love that my new, healthy lifestyle has given me! Before, I used to hide away. Now, I’m stepping into life again. I join social events, and I’m taking up the old hobbies that I love but gave up due to low self-esteem. 


No More PMS

I dropped 22.5 lbs in my eight weeks of creating a fat-burning lifestyle with Alexia. I had a huge epiphany when I started to lose weight in the first program week just by eating tasty keto meals. In the past, exercising was my go-to method for weight loss - but it didn’t work. I now realized that my efforts were futile due to the wrong foods. How empowering to finally have found the solution for slimming down!

My body has gotten a complete makeover: my bloating is gone, and I have high energy. When I got my period, I was amazed to discover that I didn’t get PMS, swollen breasts, or headaches like I usually do. I haven’t been symptom-free during my periods for years!



I Need a New Wardrobe!

I dropped 10 pounds in my first week of Alexia’s program. I've shrunk so much that I now have a wardrobe full of clothes that I can’t wear anymore! It’s happened before during my years of yo-yo dieting, but back then, I always kept some large outfits in case I gained back the weight. And I always did… Because I neither had the method nor the confidence to maintain the results.

This time on keto, it’s different! I’m finally ready to clear out all unsuitable outfits for good since they belong to my past. In my present and future, I only have room for healthy eating and small clothes sizes!


No More Energy Dips, Binge Eating, or Joint Pain

My first month in Alexia’s program has completely turned around my health situation! I lost over 5 pounds in my first week, and the scales continue to show a lower number every week. My clothes fit so loosely now!

My body feels totally different today compared with just a month ago. I now have energy – no more blood sugar crashes after lunch! I no longer suffer from sugar cravings. I’m surprised that I can now enjoy delicious desserts and still lose weight. I feel good about myself, and I have no need to binge eat. My joints don’t ache anymore, which feels like a miracle. I no longer have arthritis knee pain.


I’m Looking Good in My Bikini Now!

Alexia helped me get results by showing me how to change my eating step by step in simple but effective ways that didn’t take a long time. I consistently dropped pounds during the program – all the way to my goal weight! 

With my new, fit physique came confidence. I used to sit on a chair on the beach, hiding my body and watching my kids play in the sand. Now, I’m wearing a bikini, and I’m free to enjoy the beach as I like! I’m thrilled that I can now participate in my kids’ playing in a way I couldn’t before.

My new health has also improved my marriage. Before keto and fasting, I didn’t have a sex drive. In my first month in the program, it was almost at a maximum! Wow. It’s amazing what a simple change in food can do to our hormones. 



Reduced My Insulin Medication

By following Alexia’s advice while my doctor monitored my health markers, I drastically reduced my insulin medication in only weeks! I’d always thought that my diabetes medication was a lifelong doom, and now it felt like I was taking nature’s medicine.

Before starting keto, I was concerned about how it would affect my socializing. I’m a social person, and a diet wouldn’t work if I’d had to sit at home counting calories. But what’s fantastic about keto is that it doesn’t feel like a ‘diet’ because it’s not restricting. I just need to know how to prepare myself or what to choose on the menu when I go out, and that’s precisely what I’ve learned from Alexia.


Flattest Tummy Ever

Alexia helped me get my weight down below 130 pounds, a number I haven’t seen on the scales in 8 years! What I love the most is how getting rid of the extra fat has toned my body. I’ve achieved the flattest tummy of my life on keto – without doing any workouts for it!

Alexia taught me the tricks for becoming metabolically flexible, meaning that I can now easily switch between burning fats and carbs. Before keto, I used to drop weight during the week by eating healthily, only to put it back on after the weekend’s outings. Now, I can still enjoy a few glasses of alcohol but without gaining weight!

When you understand how keto works, you realize that you can adapt any recipe to keto just by swapping ingredients. I eat chocolate truffles, cookies, keto bread, pizza… I just love it!


Lost Weight Every Week

In other weight loss programs, I used to dread the weekly weigh-in. Not with Alexia – I looked forward to getting on the scales because the result was always exciting! Losing weight quickly and steadily every week was an amazing motivation boost.

After many years of feeling trapped in my body with little to no control, it was liberating and empowering to learn how to take charge of my weight. With each pound that I dropped, I started to feel more like myself again!

Alexia introduced me to simple yet powerful techniques to change my inner dialogue. Not only do I sleep better now, but I’m happy with myself and my life. I’m the one in charge now, of both my body and mind!



Natural Practices for Natural Results

'Keto' is a trendy word right now, but what I've learned in this program is nothing like a diet fad. Instead, I've adopted a natural way of eating, more as our ancestors practiced. I skip processed and high-carb foods, sugar, and junk food, and instead, I opt for natural, whole foods and a cycle of fasting and feasting.

It makes perfect sense to me that by avoiding modern society's eating, I'm avoiding modern society's health and weight issues. And the results speak for themselves: I'm not only slimmer, but I feel healthier too!

I appreciate Alexia’s holistic approach to health and how she combines ancient methodologies proven to work with the latest modern technology for maximized results. For example, I learned how to meditate with an app so that I’m now more relaxed and sleep better. I’m also moving more, and I’m spending more time in nature.


A Life Upgrade

Alexia’s advice proved to be rocket fuel for my weight loss. Her support gave me accountability and motivation to continue until I knew exactly how to follow keto myself.

My favorite thing about Alexia is that she offers so much more as a coach than just guidance on how to slim down on keto. Reaching target weight is important to be healthy and feel good, but so are other factors, such as sleep, exercise, and positive thinking. Alexia helped me do a complete makeover in these areas, and I can only say WOW – what a life upgrade!

I used to suffer from poor sleeping, which affected my mood and performance. Alexia introduced me to simple changes that resulted in the best sleep of my life! It’s priceless to now be waking up rested every morning.


Anything Is Possible Now

My first question when starting a diet is usually ‘When can I cheat?’ But what I realized in Alexia’s program is that there is no need for ‘cheating’ on keto, because I can enjoy myself! I’ve had a lot of fun discovering delicious meals and desserts. There is nothing that I miss from my old way of eating – and if there is anything that I want, I can just make a keto version of it.

I now love trying new things, like sports, and I’m about to start a second business. These are dreams that I could hardly imagine when I identified as ‘the fat kid.’ But achieving the ‘impossible’ of losing weight in Alexia’s program has made me feel that nothing is impossible anymore – and I can’t wait to make it all happen!



Back at the Weight I Had Before 4 Kids!

Eight weeks of healthy eating resulted in over 14 lbs lost, my hips reduced by 2.5 inches, and my waist 4 inches slimmer. I’m now down to my goal weight: the same I had 27 years ago when I got married, before having four kids! I love that I’m now in control over my weight: I know how to eat and what to do to continue burning fat so that I can keep my slim figure.

My inflammation is gone too, and I hardly have any joint pain anymore. I did a long car drive to drop off my son at his college, and spending hours in the car would normally give me back pain for days. This time, my back was fine, which felt like a miracle! I also sleep well and wake up with energy, which I keep throughout the day. What a difference from just a couple of months ago when I was waking up exhausted. This is a new life: a life with vitality!


One Year Later, I Still Love the Results

I worked with Alexia to reach my target weight, but I’m amazed by all of the other health benefits in her program. My schedule with my newborn is exhausting, so I love the incredible energy boost and mental sharpness on keto. I can now be present and active with my daughter in a way that I couldn’t in my old way of eating!

It's a year ago that Alexia taught me how to achieve my dream body on keto, and I’m still benefiting every day. Enough time has passed for me to know that keto IS a healthy ‘lifestyle.’ It’s not a restriction, but a choice because its effects are so amazing! My pregnancy pounds are long gone, and I don’t have to make an effort to keep them off. I just continue enjoying the tasty food.


More Energy and Better Sleep

I love how effective keto and fasting are for health and weight results. In my eight weeks with Alexia, I lost 11 lbs, 2 inches on my hips, and 3 inches on my waist, and I continue to slim down every week. I used to be so tired, and now I'm energetic. I'm also sleeping better and no longer lie awake in the middle of the night.

I don’t only have a new body but also a new mind. My mood has improved by 100%, thanks to a simple mindset technique that Alexia taught me. It’s made such a difference in my daily wellbeing that I’ve made my husband and son start practicing it as well.



I No Longer Comfort Eat

I’ve been my own worst enemy in my previous weight loss attempts, doing well at first but then getting fed up and quitting. I got a mindset makeover in Alexia’s program: she shared tools to ‘take charge’ of my inner voice and stop self-sabotaging. The impact is incredible: I used to comfort eat, and I haven’t done it once in these eight weeks.

I love the results in Alexia’s program: I lost weight every single week, even during the holidays! It’s such a relief to no longer feel scared over ruining my health or worry about ever finding a solution for my weight loss – because I now have it.


I'm So Much Happier Now

Alexia provided all the resources I needed to start losing weight in my first week and consistently continue until I was at my goal weight. The live calls with step-by-step teachings and time for my questions, the documents, workbooks, and the daily support made it easy and even fun to get fit!

I love the physical results from the program, but even better is my newfound happiness. I went to a 4th of July party on the weekend, and everyone kept complimenting me on how happy I look. My husband tells me I’m a ‘changed person.’ And it’s only from doing Alexia’s program in eight short weeks!


Inflammation Halved in 2 Weeks

It’s amazing how quickly my body responded to keto. My weight dropped, and my clothes fitted looser on my body. Most exciting is the visible results on my swollen hands and ankles. I took the photo to the left before starting Alexia’s program, and the photo to the right after working with Alexia for a couple of weeks. My inflammation reduced by half!

It’s only weeks ago that I could barely leave my house because of lethargy and severe pain. Now, I just got back from a weekend get-away with my family during which I enjoyed swimming and taking long walks on the beach!



I Have Aged Backward

Alexia made it so easy to lose weight while loving my food. She taught me exactly what to do - and what not to do - to slim down, which I started to do in my first week. I quickly reached my goal weight, lost 1.5 inches off my waist, and 3.5 inches off my hips! Although the program was only eight weeks, the investment will last a lifetime since I now have a method to keep my results.

When I started the program, I was exhausted. Now burning fat for energy, I am energetic! Alexia taught me how to sleep better too. Another positive and unexpected side effect from the fat-burning is that I have aged backward. I get compliments for looking younger, and I feel so too!




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